Ethics and CSR- BMFM

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Ethics and CSR- BMFM


British Maternal and Fetal Medicine (BMFM) is a business organization incorporated in the United Kingdom. The primary objective of the organization is to improve pregnancy care standards. The company offers services related to expectant women needs. BMFM services are commenced one month after conception. Apart from pregnancy care, the organization objects at ensuring that excellent health for the unborn is guaranteed. The organization appears to be the most appropriate since health issues are continuously aggravating in the universe. BMFM has the aptitudes to offer charity services to the other relevant non-profit organization in the field of medical care and assistance.


Association of Medical Research Charity (AMRC) is a non-profit organization incorporated the United Kingdom. The non-profit organization aims at improving human health through the execution of comprehensive researches concerning dangerous diseases. Cancer and AIDS are among the deadliest diseases. However, the organization chooses to research about the latter due to its financial capacity. Regarding cancer research, the AMRC are willing but unable to execute them due to the requirement of expensive equipment and other costly measures. Everyone is exposed to HIV and AIDS, which is the reason the organization chooses to research about the epidemic (Whiteside, 2016). Therefore, research assists in directing medical officers on which medicine to prescribe to the infected based on their findings. Ethics and CSR- BMFM

While talking about pregnancy issues, it’s important to note that HIV and AIDS is a critical issue. According to Ni and Van (2015), a more significant percentage of children are born by HIV positive mothers. However, that does not mean in any way that they are infected. Whether or not the children will be infected ultimately depends with medical strategies and approaches. In that regard, BMFM should engage with AMRC to deal with pregnancy issues firmly and competently.


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