Events Venue Management

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Events Venue Management

Asset Performance Analysis

1200 words.

APA 6th Ed. Referencing

This one involves analysis and critically assessing the assets regarding their condition status and their functionality capability. It’s based on the venues/facilities (assets) listed in the Darebin Infrastructure Policy.

Refer to the case study provided. You must perform an asset performance analysis.

Answer the following questions.

Question 1 A. Choose 4 assets from the case study.

Your options here are are to:

  1. choose 4 facilities ie x4 pavilions as per the list in Appendix 1 and look /assess each pavilion [just as the building not the exterior or grounds] or
  2. select 1 venue/facility and do the pavilion + 3 fixed infrastructure assets external to the pavilion eg cricket nets, coaches box, team dugout, scoreboard tower/scorers box, water tank enclosure, water harvesting system, ground light towers, synthetic cricket wicket.

Either way make sure you clearly state the venue/facility, name & location in a brief preface to this section. Events Venue Management

Question 1 B. Explain why you have chosen the particular assets

  1. Provide this from a personal view (what interested you about this venue and assets) & a professional e.g. council staff view.


Question 2. Complete an asset performance analysis on the four assets using the template provided

Asset Name Asset Criticality Condition Assessment Asset Capacity


Must name the venue/park/site for each asset.

Column 1 ASSET NAME– if it’s pavilion, provide the name of the pavilion if it has one- as well as the venue/park name. provide a brief description of the pavilion eg circa 1960s besa brick, single structure approx. 40sqm.

If it’s fixed infrastructure – name the item eg synthethic wicket, estimate age, estimate materials composition  [for the wicket it would be “a synthetic Allseasons 11mm pile with rubber backing 25m end/end & 1.9m wide- no wings”.

Column 2 Asset criticality

*Use a ranking system 1-5 in addition to text response ie 1 being excellent and 5 being poor has significant quality issues/not safe

Review/analyse/consider  your prior information ie content in Asset [age, materials]

Condition & Capacity columns, THEN  rank your asset in terms of what you think / your opinion as to the item’s situation. Eg if the building is nearly 50 years old, if it has asbestos, the ceiling is falling down, holes in the walls, fixtures are past their useby date, and it’s not big enough for the sport using it then I would rank it as #5 poor and reinforce that view with my assessment as to how critical it was eg ‘building should be shut down from use immediately due to ………I would recommend a structural assessment that must report on suitability of the pavilion being retained and refurbished or whether it must be decommissioned [demolished] and if so within what timeline and what safety requirements must be undertaken in the interim.” Events Venue Management

Column 3 Condition Assessment

Make it realistic eg Geelong Stadium light towers [they’re 1 year old = excellent condition

but they’d require annual servicing, globe cleaning and globe replacement SO you

‘assessment’ would state what condition they’re in but elaborate as to any needs immediate

or short term]

Column 4 Capacity

be practical and realistic.  For example:

* if you’re looking at a Grandstand seating capacity = “#250 approx” [you might have derived this from research on that venue or counted the seats from a photo.

* If you’re looking at a Coaches box- your answer might be #4 persons max Level 1 and 6 ground level; or

* if synthetic wicket- not applicable.

* If you’re looking at a pavilion consider (and state your assessment of this in detail] the capacity & functionality ie look at the photos, look at the floorplan and what sports are played at the ground and work out whether there are enough changerooms ie 2 per oval + whether it needs umpire rooms/how many and/or whether there are enough toilets/showers in the changerooms and whether they’re practical. You can refer to the Case Study document as that indicates minimum size requirements and capacity -SO look at the floor plan compares it to the minimum requirements. Essentially, you’re analysing and making a determination as to capacity but also suitability of capacity.


Question 3. You must provide explanations as to how and why you have assessed each asset in each area.

Analyse your content / responses in Question 2 and validate/rationalise your responses as well as explain ‘how’ (method/process) you used to undertake responding to Q2.

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