Fictitious Outdoor Event in the UK

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Fictitious Outdoor Event in the UK

Assessment Brief

Prepare an application for a fictitious outdoor event in a real location within the UK. The document should contain a site suitability survey and compare at least two possible UK sites, as well as referencing the application process in relation to the chosen event. Relevant licensing issues should be considered, and the application should discuss the consultation process and the communication plan to manage key relationships with both the community and local authorities.  The Application should consider the key areas of planning to address, dependant on the event brief and location; for example, safeguarding, alcohol / drug policy, concessions, etc.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Interpret and evaluate the outdoor event application process within the UK
  2. Analyse and apply appropriate legislation contingent to outdoor events in the UK.
  3. Construct an Outdoor Event Plan for the supply of event products and services.

Assessment Criteria

  1. Undertake an outdoor event application in relation to your event specifically.
  2. Propose a suitable outdoor site for your event by analysing at least two possibilities.
  3. Evaluate the impact of your event on the local community
  4. Identify key issues associated with the event and site, presenting justified solutions.
  5. Apply relevant legislation & documentation to the logistical planning of an outdoor event.
  6. Design an event site plan with rationale behind layout choices
  7. Prioritise resources and tasks in the development of an Event Production Schedule

General Notes

Please try and keep the level of writing to an undergraduate level BA (Hons)


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