Final Group Reflection Paper

Final Group Reflection Paper

The final exam for this course is a reflection paper. It is worth 125 points. 

Please respond to the following prompts (1000 words).  

Reflecting on Modules 5 and 7: 

  • What have you learned about other health traditions? What have you learned about your heritage in terms of health maintenance, protection, and restoration? How consistent are you with your traditional cultural heritage? Did learning about your traditional cultural heritage change your view of your heritage?

Reflecting on Module 6:

  • What cultural and religious holidays do you celebrate? What other cultural and religious holidays that are interesting to you?

Reflecting on group work (research paper):

  • Did you learn about your group member’s cultural heritage through the group work? What went well in your group work? What are the greatest challenge you had as a group? How balanced do you feel the efforts of the group members were? What would you change about your group?

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