FSHN 5118 Global Fashion Management

FSHN 5118 Global Fashion Management

Brief:  Assessment 2, Supply Chain Strategy Report

Worth: 60% of module mark

To remain competitive fashion retailers need to ensure they not only develop commercial product, but ensure they can get it to the right place, at the right time, profitably and sustainably.

To achieve this retailers need to develop an efficient supply chain strategy.


Critically analyse supply chain strategy across:

  • A ‘basic’ clothing product (eg. a multipack of black cotton men’s socks for supermarket retailer)
  • A  ‘fashion’ clothing product (E.g. a printed cotton ladies jumpsuit for a high street retailer).

Things to consider:

  • Key differences between the two supply chains – Core and Fast Fashion?
  • How these differences impact the effective management of the chain?
  • How to optimise supply chains considering the challenges and current pressures on the fashion industry, such as trade, price, sustainability, speed to market and technology?
  • Lean, Agile and other business models to promote efficient and sustainable practice
  • Your analysis should be thorough, demonstrating your appreciation of the complex challenges which impact the effective management of the supply of basic/fashion product.
  • Evidence your knowledge of clothing production to show your understanding of commercial practice.  The use of supply chain literature (research and theory) is required to identify suitable approaches to improve efficiencies.
  • Discussion of existing practices and case studies will help to support your ideas
  • To demonstrate your knowledge discuss a range of approaches to improve efficiencies.  Focussing in more detail in one area of efficiency improvement will enable you to demonstrate the depth of understanding required.

The work should be presented in a formal report format, fully referenced using the Harvard System of Referencing The report should conclude with your key recommendations for the effective management of supply chains discussed. (Word count guide only: 3000 words min.)

Formative feedback on your draft report will be given verbally during tutorials.

Suggested Supporting Elements:

  • Lean industry analysis  – slow, or basic/ core fashion
  • Agile industry analysis  -fast fashion/ trend
  • Merchandise planning and trading strategies across basics and fashion product. E.g. ‘Reacting to Sales’.
  • The impact of technology and product lifecycle management
  • Discussion of good sustainable practice.

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