Gadgets and Self-Reliance

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Gadgets and Self-Reliance

High-tech gadgets are growing more sophisticated and changing human behavior in a bad way. According to Robert Vamosi’s article, “When Gadgets Betray Us,” high-tech gadgets endanger human behavior, values, and habits due to the increased dependence to modern technology. While gadgets give people the power to multitask various activities at the same time, Vamosi postulates that people have become unable to think and reason for themselves. Other than lifting people’s minds to think around a given context, people run to use high-tech gadgets such as smartphones to acquire their desired information. A PREVIEW: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The 21st Century has come up with countless technological revolutions. High-tech gadgets such as computers, smartphones, and televisions have been innovated by different scientific researchers. As a result, people from different sectors have shifted their attention to these high tech gadgets. For example, the education sector where most students use internet aided gadgets such as Smartphones to do their academic research. This high dependency on technology has lowered the value of human values when it comes to integrity.

Additionally, most people no longer view the world and its nature as human beings. Back in the 18th century, human beings had no access to technology, thus always thought outside the box by lifting up their heads. However, the increased reliance on high-tech gadgets such as computers has changed people’s habits and perception on different matters.

Also, due to high recognition of software, people’s writing skills have been impaired due to overreliance on typing. The ability of people to memorize and reflect the past has also been impaired by the increased reliance on high-tech gadgets. Further, humans stand the risk of being phased out due to the increased use and reliance of automated robots. Therefore, peoples overreliance on high-tech gadgets have made people less sensitive about themselves. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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