Gender Gap Research Assignment

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Gender Gap Research Assignment

Research Assignment

In this course, you′ve learned how to draft proposals, find reliable sources, and compose research papers. For this assignment, you will write two separate 1500-2000-word research papers, each based on one of the prompts below. (These are the same prompts you were given for the research proposal assignment. One of your research papers may respond to the same prompt you selected for Assignment 1.)


Sources As evidence for their analyses, students should provide quotations from the course and any outside research. Cite all quotations using MLA format. Please include any lessons you used as sources (including the lesson title and instructor′s name). If you′re unsure about how to use MLA format to cite your sources, please see the following lesson: What is MLA Format? Gender Gap Research Assignment

Prompt 1: The Gender Gap is defined as ′the discrepancies in opportunities and status between men and women.′ Many believe the gender gap is still very present in America, saying that women have fewer opportunities in STEM-related fields and make less money than men regardless of time on the job, education, or experience. However, there are also those who believe the gender gap problem is just a myth. To them, these claims do not consider the type of job, the fact that men may work more hours, and that men are more likely to pursue high-stress advancements. Is there evidence to suggest that the gender gap still exists today? If so, is there a solution to this problem? If not, what do you think is causing so many to believe that it still exists?


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