Group Reflective Report Task

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Group Reflective Report Task

Report Components by Members

Competitive Review

The first group member was tasked with carrying out the competitive review of Almarai. In the discussion, the member stated that NADEC, Al Rawabi, and Al Ain Farms are the top rivals to the company. However, research indicated that Almarai has a wider distribution network and more employees than the competitors hence obtaining a competitive edge. These companies compete for the market, and all are focused on generating more revenues.


Customer Review

The second member did customer review component. It was interesting how the member dug on the importance of customer information to a company. Customers’ opinions on product quality and pricing help the management to set proper standards. Consumers have varying tastes and preferences, and this helps companies in brand designing. It is here where customer loyalty becomes important and paramount in their retention.

Products and Services Review

The other member dwelt more on products and services review. From the discussion, the food and beverage players offer a variety of similar products ranging from dairy liquids, food services, desserts, juices, and yogurts. These products are offered in quick service restaurants, cafes, hotels, and food outlets. Invention of new product offerings gives a company a competitive advantage, as it helps broaden market base. Group Reflective Report Task

Price Review

Another member did price review on Almarai and competitors. In the discussion, the member reported that each company has set pricing objectives which include charging fair and competitive prices to ensure that product is affordable and available to all target markets (Trostle, 2011). Also, the member reported that the food and beverage distribution sector is characterized of price competition, market location, and the marketing campaign programs.

Meeting Numbers

To achieve the objectives of our group discussion, we met thrice per week. Each member would give a progressive report that we would all review and approve continuation. The whole discussion process took (6) weeks.

Marketing Concepts

While doing the report, certain marketing concepts were learnt and these include:

  • Aggressive marketing campaign programs such as TV ads and the use of social media platforms help in reaching more markets
  • Customers’ value advertisements that promise them top quality, discount prices, and after-sale services.
  • Active marketing requires a persuasive and convincing approach by a marketer.


Challenges faced in Group Exercise

During the group exercise, various challenges were encountered and these include:

  • Time consuming: The group discussion was done three times per week, and this was a challenge given the strict timeline and course outline followed for other subjects.
  • Extensive research was required: Gathering the right information that had to be approved and accepted by all group members was difficult and challenging.
  • Some group members came to the discussion unprepared, this made us use more time while dwelling on one thing.


The table shows each group member’s contribution in a scale rating of 0-10.

Group Member Rating in a scale of (0-10)
1 8
2 9
3 6
4 7

Critical Analysis

In the 2011 Journal of Islamic Marketing by Rajagopal, Visvanathan, and Satapathy, every company wants to obtain a competitive edge over the rivals. They argue that it is the target customers who determine the success of failure of these companies in the industry. Also, consumer decision making to buy from a company is influenced by brand quality, price, awareness and features. The article concludes by stating that extensive marketing campaigns are required in order to broaden the customer base and position of a company in the industry.


Rajagopal, S., Ramanan, S., Visvanathan, R. and Satapathy, S., 2011. Halal certification: implication for marketers in UAE. Journal of Islamic Marketing2(2), pp.138-153.

Trostle, R., 2011. Why have food commodity prices risen again? DIANE Publishing.



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