Group Report- Disability and Media

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Group Report- Disability and Media

Purpose and aims:

As a small group, students will research, analyse and critically appraise an existing activism campaign aimed at addressing a social or environmental issue.

Each team is required to choose ONE campaign from the following list:

Changing attitudes towards disability in the media –

Once the campaign of interest has been chosen, students will critically analyse and appraise campaign objectives, planning, design and outcomes and write up their findings in s business report.

This assessment requires students to actively engage and work collaboratively with a diverse range of students to be able to understand the perspectives of others; therefore, small groups of 5 (groups will be formed in week 3 or 4) will be formed by self-selection (with the support of the lecturer) however, you are highly recommended to have a range of disciplines, ages, cultural and linguistic skills as the greater the diversity of your group, the broader the range of ideas that will be available to you. This assessment task provides students an opportunity for inter-cultural learning, which requires a culturally heterogeneous mix of students. Group Report- Disability and Media


Description of the assessment:

Students are required to reference at least 4 types of resources in the group written report:

  1. Minimum of 6 journal articles (students are required to use scholarly and peer-reviewed articles) and textbooks.
  2. Newspaper/Magazine articles
  3. Company/NGO Websites
  4. Company Sustainability reports

A total of 15-20 references are expected for the report 

Assignment development and submission method: OU Wiki

Students are required to actively engage and participate with their group members to deliver Assessment Task 3a using an OU Wiki.

What is OU Wiki?

A wiki is a web‐based platform helping you work together to create and edit a set of linked pages. It’s a quick, easy way of creating a mini‐website. Wiki also keeps a record of who has made changes and created content and a history allowing you to ‘roll back’ to an earlier version. These features make it a useful tool for teamwork and creating a shared resource.

How to use it?

OU Wiki is a module designed in LMS and students simply can use it as a platform to write their assignments. It is quite similar to common methods of typing e.g. MS Word but is web-based. The full instruction of how to use it, will be described within the workshops. We have prepared a tutorial video for you to learn how to use it. Please visit your LMS.

How will it be assessed?

OU Wiki requires students to actively engage and work collaboratively with their group members. It also helps the lecturer to track students’ engagement and progress during their participations. Therefore, students would be evaluated using the common method of evaluation. Please see Grading Criteria Assessment Task 3a: Group Campaign Appraisal Report.

Suggested Template for Group Written Report

  1. Assignment Cover Sheet
  2. Executive Summary (5%)**
  3. Background to the Issues (20%)
    1. Identifying the problems/issues the campaign aims to address
    2. Defining the campaign goals/objectives
    3. How did the campaign establish credibility as an activist?
  4. Analyzing the policy environment (15%)
    1. Power-holder maps
  5. Developing the strategy (20%)
    1. Integrated Strategy Maps
  6. Implementing the plan (20%)
    1. Campaign calendars
  7. Critical discussion of campaign outcomes (15%)
  8. Conclusions (5%)
  9. References
  10. Appendices


The percentages give you an indication of the relative word count for each of the sections, for example, 20% of 3000 words is 600 words. Tables, figures, references and appendices do not contribute to the word count for the report.

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