Growth of Lime Mobility Company

Growth of Lime Mobility Company

Introduction and Overview

Lime is a mobility company that integrates technology into its operations. It deals with the sharing of scooters and motorized bicycles. The company, based in San Francisco, began rolling out its products in some selected Australian cities (McKenzie, 2018). The company is coming up with the products aimed at reducing congestion in the Australian streets and towns and creating a healthy working environment by substituting the use of personal automobiles in short distances to the use of motorized bicycles and scooters.

Business Facts and Characteristics for Lime

Position in Business Lifecycle

The company is at its growth stage as it is currently trying to expand its market to Brisbane and Melbourne (Sundararaman, 2018). The company has already been operating in the U.S. and has launched its products in Spain, Germany, France, Canada, and new-Zealand.

External Environmental Factors

Politically, the company is yet to receive guidelines from the government regarding its operations and the uncertainties that might accrue to the members of the public as a result of using the company products.

Economically, Lime charges a relatively fair price for its services as compared to their competitors.

The company products are socially advantageous to the users as they save them walking energy and ensures the reduction of congestion in the roads (Miller, 2020).

The Lime has embarked on the technological innovation on the existing bikes that have been there before by coming up with motorized bicycles and scooters.

Ecologically, the company products are well suited to Sydney’s hilly terrain, making them well suited for use in the area (Hauf & Douma, 2019). The bikes leave zero carbon footprints and discourage congestion.

Target Market

Lime Company operates in an environment with a lot of consumers now that it offers a unique product than its competitors (Sundararaman, 2018). The demographics of the Australian market show that there are a lot of people who commute to and from workplaces who form the primary users of the company’s products. These people form the target market for their services.

Total Product Concept

Lime deals with motorized bicycles and scooters, which provide micro-mobility services to people over short distances.

Marketing Mix Implemented by Lime

Product: The scooters and motorized bicycles offered by Lime are designed well in such a way that they are both appealing to the customer, and they produce zero carbon emissions….End of Preview….

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