Harnessing the Crowd

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Harnessing the Crowd

Question 2: Evaluating crowd results

Use the principles of data-driven decision-making from Module 1 to propose how to measure the performance of the crowd using machines. (300–400 words)

Focus on the following:

  • How could machines evaluate (or help to evaluate) crowd submissions for the challenge you identified in Question 1?
  • What kind of data would you collect and analyze? ORDER NOW

Start writing here:

Question 3: Impact on the business

Assuming that the experiment from Question 1 works well, how might you expand the use of the crowd to make it a routine resource for your company? Include a suitable crowd-related transformation in your business of choice. Use the Matrix of Change editable PDF template that you have used for previous ongoing project submissions to indicate how you could include this transformation in your business of choice and the existing practices and processes that have already been included there. Determine if the new process will complement or compete with existing practices. ORDER NOW

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