HIM 213 Week 2 Assignment

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HIM 213 Week 2 Assignment

In this assignment you are the HIM director and your tasks are:

Create a training and development plan for the HIM department that includes the following items:

  1. A method for assessing the needs and knowledge gaps for all HIM employees, including management ­positions. Design the assessment instrument.
  2. A plan for identifying the sensory learning styles of the HIM department employees.
  3. Develop a six-month training and development program for each of the employee categories listed previously. The plan should consist of the following:
  • Identify at least two training topics that all employees have in common and a different training model to use for each of the two training topics.
  • Create a CE plan for each credentialed position: ROI coordinator, coder, HIM supervisor, and data quality ­specialist. Include both on-site and off-site CE opportunities. HIM 213 Week 2 Assignment
  • Be mindful of budgetary constraints.
  • A training and development plan template is provided in figure 9.2 for guidance. A different template may be created.



Position Training needs Continuing education needs Method of delivery Budget impact


Remote work


Updates on new procedures In house lecture or creation of a narrated PowerPoint to view

Updates can be provided by physicians or clinicians.

Minimal to include time away from work for training


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