HRMT11011 Uber Business Report

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HRMT11011 Uber Business Report

HRMT11011 Assessment details for all students Assessment task 3

Assessment task 3—Uber Business Report (Individual task)

Weighting: 45%

Length: 1500 words ±10% (excluding reference list)


This assessment task relates to UNIT learning outcomes numbers 1 to 6. Before starting this assessment read the marking criteria (below) and the Assessment 3 Business Report Guide information provided on Moodle. There also is useful information on the Academic Learning Centre site that assists with your studies.


This assessment task gives students the opportunity to enhance their research, analysis, critical thinking and written communication skills, particularly in the areas of developing argument in the context of business report writing.


Assessment task 3 requires the writing of a BUSINESS REPORT. Students are expected to engage in extensive research within the academic literature (peer reviewed journals) relevant to the task and evidence your argument from scholarly sources as well as other relevant reference material. HRMT11011 Uber Business Report

Task Details

The task is to write a business report on a contemporary news story about an organisation. The news story that is the focus of your report is listed below, along with the link.

Uber Australia is settling unfair dismissal cases, despite insisting drivers are not employees

Your business report should:

  1. Describe the news story (sufficient for your report to make sense to the reader)
  2. Identify the key human resource issues raised in the news story and critically discuss them in relation to theories and models from HRMT11011 Human Resources in Organizations; and
  3. Provide recommendations for the future



To assist, the context is that you are a Human Resources Advisor providing this report to your Human Resource Manager, who is a customer of Uber, and is alarmed at news reports that there may be issues regarding their business practices.


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