Human Growth and Development

Human Growth and Development


You are required to write a case study about meeting the needs of an older person, using information from at least one specified developmental theorist as well as identifying three psychological needs of the client. All of the following points need to be considered.

  • Background information about the person (i.e. age, sex, family background) and method used to gather information (i.e. interview/ questionnaire/ objective observation report)
  • Identification of this person’s age-related needs referring to the theorist/s you have chosen.
  • Recommendations/ strategies for meeting their needs at this stage of life. (i.e.) what could the family, church, public health nurse, community or government agencies do to help meet their needs?
  • Address what are important interpersonal skills to have when working with someone at this developmental stage
  • Discuss the likely effects of this person not having their identified developmental needs met

Identification of the client’s three psychological needs:

  • Specify the three psychological needs of the client.
  • Consider one suitable psychological model that will meet the client’s needs and state why
  • Consider one unsuitable psychological model that will not meet the client’s needs and state why
  • Evaluation of when and how you might notify the appropriate person in your work placement regarding the client’s

Performance Criteria:

Accurate assessment of needs – 6 marks

  • Report presented in appropriate format with clear headings (1 mark)
  • Methods used to collect information clearly outlined (1 mark)
  • Identification of what stage of development this person is going through/ transition being dealt with, supported with reference to appropriate theorists (4 marks)

Methods used are age-appropriate and carried out objectively – 4 marks

  • Thorough understanding of interpersonal skills required (1 mark)
  • Explicit reference made to skills required when working with older people (1 mark)
  • Ethical issues of confidentiality, privacy and consent have been adhered to (no real names used) (2 marks)

Detailed description of appropriate strategies for meeting needs – 20 marks

  • Two points showing understanding of long-term consequences of not having specific needs met at this stage of life (4 marks)
  • Five recommendations made for promoting holistic development for this person (5 x 2 marks)
  • Outline one practical strategy for each of the following to support meeting the needs of this person – a Care, the individual themselves, the family, the government (4 x 1.5 marks)

Three psychological needs of the client – 30 marks

  • Attitudinal & belief system influencing the identification of the client’s 3 psychological needs explained (6 marks)
  • Three psychological needs of the client specified (6 marks)
  • One suitable psychological model that meets the client’s needs explained (6 marks)
  • One unsuitable psychological model that does not meet the client’s needs explained (6 marks)
  • How and when to notify appropriate person in your work placement (6 marks)

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