Human Services Case Study Assignment

Human Services Case Study Assignment


You are required to undertake a case study of a particular human service organisation of your choice.

You are required to do this so that you may familiarise yourself with how human services or community services undertake and implement programs and then how those programs change or respond social issues to improve well-being and social impact in communities.

Your case study is to be in the style of writing in the attached examples. Do not worry about images or layout.

You are free to adapt the headings as you see fit. Your case study may include:

  1. Introduction and background (what is the social issue/problem, what is the human service organisation trying to respond to? You could theorise here if you wanted to around is it a social justice approach, feminist approach, human rights approach, clinical approach, evidence based approach)
  2. To what extent the human service organisation has been successful (highlight achievements of their programs or positive impact on client groups, what are the successful programs and their impact)
  3. What are the challenges and barriers that the human service organisation is facing when dealing/working with client groups?
  4. What strategies the human service is trying to develop or has developed to respond to the barriers (this could also be your conclusion remarks)

If you are struggling to choose an organisation you can select from

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