Human Trafficking Problems

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Human Trafficking Problems in the US


Human trafficking continues to be a growing problem in the United States and around the world. Colorado, with its International Airport, and convergence of major highways makes its source, destination and transit route for human trafficking (Morris 10). The issue was serious in Southern Colorado USAFA, and a human task force was created in the year 2014 to stop this horrible crime. Despite Colorado’s creation of anti-trafficking measures, there has been only one trafficking-related conviction since 2006 (Rubin 4).  This paper will give an analysis of the human trafficking problems in the US, their causes and recommend the possible solutions to this problem. ORDER ESSAY NOW

Human Trafficking Problems in Colorado

The biggest problem facing Colorado Springs is the crime and act of prostitution. Millions of women, men, and children around the world are currently victims of human trafficking. There have been no records kept for labor trafficking in Colorado (Chin). The evidence that an estimated 300,000 of the country’s youth population are prostituted brings to light that the problem is an alarming issue in Colorado. These children are expected to be at the risk of child sexual exploitation, and therefore, when they mature, they cannot avoid the crime (Morris 8).

In Colorado, anyone who performs a sex act in exchange for money or of something of value commits prostitution. Misidentifying victims as criminals have been a long term conflation of prostitution and sex trafficking has added to this error (Drake and Lisha). In 2007, approximately 1500 youth and young adults were homeless in Colorado making them vulnerable to sexual exploitation (Morris). According to the Colorado Department of Human Service, the homeless people will be actively and quickly recruited for sexual work or any other form of human trafficking within a few hours just after leaving home.

Leading Causes of Human Trafficking in Colorado

The police officers were not cracking down on prostitution and human trafficking in the Pikes Peak region. This remained the greatest cause of human trafficking. Because of lack of law enforcement, and the fact that it is only $50 fine for prostitution, human trafficking has a very low risk for those who choose to participate (Passel and Cohn 20).

Another cause is poverty and economic recessions in the region. These factors cause women and men to seek for finances in any way possible to survive. In times of economic recessions, the government is always unable to provide public services to the citizens, and therefore poverty effects are very severe (Gould 18). This makes people engage in ungodly acts of prostitution and other human trafficking activities.


There have been several changes to the Colorado statutes as a result of the passage of law bills made to punish anyone caught with any tie to human trafficking, whether soliciting, buying, or accepting any sexual favor in return for money (Rubin 40). People can now easily seek restitution through the civil legal action and that person working in Colorado’s escort bureaus must be given information about human trafficking, including victim assistance information and, massage parlors must also post victim services information as well as a notice that trafficking is illegal by law.

In the recent past, the US government has passed anti-trafficking legislation, and this has resulted in much fewer incidents of human trafficking than authorities initially thought this would happen (Chin 3). An enormous amount of arrests was made across the USAFA and Colorado Springs led by the FBI in hotels when they were undercover (Chin). A law passed in 2012 allows for women and men or juveniles, convicted of prostitution-related offenses to have their records sealed if they can provide a preponderance of the evidence that they are victims.

The US government should fix the economic recession in the Colorado since this will limit the poverty and as a result, the rates of prostitution and human trafficking will decrease to a reasonable rate (Drake and Lisha 22). Correcting the economic recessions includes acts like lowering interest rates on price of goods which in turn reduces the inflation rate, and equitable resource distribution (Chin 28). This curbs the civil crimes of human trafficking especially prostitution in the Colorado Springs. ORDER ESSAY NOW


Human trafficking has been a menace over the years in the whole world, Commercial sex being the most committed crime. This results from weak legislation, economic recessions, poverty, the reluctance of the police forces and many other causes. This act leads to immorality, depression, and a feeling of mental torture to the affected people (Chin). This, therefore, alarms governments to revise provisions concerning human trafficking of women, children and men, and strengthening of the roles described to the concerned agencies involved in the inter-agency of the task force on human trafficking and their responsibilities (Gould 55).


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