If I Were Texas Governor

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If I Were Texas Governor

We are at a critical moment in Texas’ history. This state required a good governor who will lead all focused Texans in fighting poverty and advancing their tomorrow’s welfare as well as that of their children. If today I were the governor for Texas State, I would bring a lot of changes and improvements in the sectors of education, infrastructure, energy, and equal pay as explained below. A Student Sample: Click here to ORDER NOW

Currently, Texas based women get paid $8,000 per year than their male counterparts on average. As a result, the hardworking Texas women get affected in their ability to finance education of their children, purchasing cars, and saving money to use on retirement. I affirm that all people should be treated with equity and fairness regardless of their gender. As a governor, I will champion an Equal Pay bill in order to terminate inequality, prejudice, and discrimination faced by our women (Bruff 1369).  Also, I will sign the Texas Equal Pay Act that will ensure that our women and men working in similar works earn equally.

The future of Texas depends on education, without education; no development is foreseeable. I believe that it should be a rule that education is a major key that every Texas child needs to avoid poverty. Research by The Learning Institute of Texas in 2014 shows that by 2020, more than 60 percent of Texas jobs will need education and skills training. Due to this, I believe our children should be exposed to high quality education system and at least acquire a diploma. In this regard, I would advocate for the lowering of college tuition fees to ensure that college education is accessible to even the poor Texans. I believe if this is done, we will add more money in our economy, increase family incomes, and create over 1Million jobs in our state.

As a governor, my first priority will be establishing a high-quality workforce by properly investing in our State’s human infrastructure….Continue Reading

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