Integrity in Leadership Essay

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Integrity in Leadership Essay (1650 Words)

What does Lynne McFall claim to be formally required of a person of integrity?

Lynne McFall postulates various concepts about integrity. According to Lynne McFall, integrity is the state of being coherent and undivided (McFall 5). This means that people of integrity and ethical honesty must exhibit the attributes of self-confidence and self-control to an extent that their positions and beliefs cannot get untouched and always remain intact. In Lynne’s arguments, she claims that the virtues of invaluable discipline and bold moral principles totally define a person’s level of integrity as well as his/her positions. As per Lynne McFall, people of top integrity are required to show and exercise coherence in the manner they conduct their duties by upholding consistency between the principles that they hold and believe in. Lack of consistency in moral principles defiles a person, and this means that their integrity is questionable. Lynne claims that the true test of a….Show More Content….

Why is it important for a business leader to be a person of integrity?

Exercising integrity in the workplace is among the most valuable qualities that a great business leader should practice. The numerous ethical lapses that have sunk businesses illuminate the importance of integrity in leadership. Research by McFall indicates that integrity is the key criteria of determining success by top leaders (Fritz and Anand 6). Leaders who exercise integrity are honestly, consistent, trustworthy, and moral. The main reasons why it is important for a business leader to be a person of integrity are:

Integrity helps a business leader in giving and keeping promises: A person of integrity is trusted with giving and keeping promises….Show More Content….

In your view, are there any meaningful constraints on the principles that should govern and orient a “good” business leader? Explain why or why not.

No all leaders have the same attributes. While integrity leaders form the most vital asset of a firm, it is right to realize that not all leaders deserve their leadership positions. A good leader is oriented and governed by ethical code of principles such as integrity, objectivity, independence, and competence. The most crucial principle is…ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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