Lead and Manage a Small Business

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Lead and Manage a Small Business (7329 Words)

Executive Summary

This draft business plan pertains opening of a café under the nomenclature ‘Love Coffee House’ at Christchurch. Business concept has already been developed.

In this report, environment analysis of internal and external environment has been made by applying PESTLE analysis. Impact of the Bi-cultural partnership, as embedded in the Treaty of Waitangi, on the business activities and relationships of proposed business has also been analysed and addressed. The business plan also consists of identification of internal and external stakeholders and development of stakeholders’ communication plan. Business functions comprising of operational, human resources, financial, marketing, regulatory and compliance; and risk management plan have also been formed part of the extant business report. Mission and vision of the proposed business organisation and ethical consideration have also been included in the report to make the report make it realistic and model business plan. Lead and Manage a Small Business



A new business has to be started in Christchurch, New Zealand for which a model and perfect draft business plan has to be developed. The task of first part of the business plan i.e. developing a business concept has already been accomplished and the concept has been developed on the basis of research made from the primary and secondary sources of research. Opening of a café under the name ‘Love coffee House’ at Ilam, Christchurch has been proposed .Now a successful draft business plan has to be developed for the proposed Café business.

For developing a model and perfect plan, first of all environment analysis of internal as well external environment will be conducted and impact thereof on the business will be discussed in detail.  Thereafter stakeholders will also be identified outlining their relationship with the business. Vision and objectives of the organisation are to be incorporated in the draft business plan.

In order develop an effective plan, tasks and strategies that need to be undertaken pertaining to Operational Plan, Financial Plan, HR Plan, Marketing Plan and Risk Management. Plans are required to be clearly laid down in this business keeping in view the ethics of the business which also required to be clearly brought down in the report.

Draft a Business Plan (Research)

Business plan research is to develop a plan on the basis of research and analysis of internal and external environment and analysing the impact of Bi-Cultural Partnership as embedded in Waitangi Treaty upon the activities of business proposed. Business plan should include stakeholders’ identification and communication plan. Business functions like operational, HR, marketing, financial and risk management plans are also discussed in a good business plan. A good business plan must consist ‘Vision and mission’ of the business organisation….Show More Content….


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