Learning Needs Assessment Essay

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Learning Needs Assessment Essay

Something you have learned that you believe will help you to become a better MRS practitioner. Explain how and why you believe this has helped

Communication strategies play important roles to business success. The most important thing I have learned and believe will help me in becoming a better MRS practitioner effective communication. My career goal has long been becoming a MRS practitioner. Every individual is different in the manner they pass, translate, and decipher information. One important communication strategy is listening to both clients and colleagues to understand their ideas regarding a certain issue in the business. Approaching decision making with consultation of the interested parties is also an effective communication strategy that I have learned and believe it will contribute to my becoming a better MRS practitioner. Consultations and listening to colleagues will help me formulate sound decisions in a collaborative manner for the success of my MRS business. Further, the creation of an openness atmosphere is a communication strategy that will increase my chances of becoming a better MRS practitioner. The establishment of a proper relationship with customers and the creation of a comfortable atmosphere for attention to customer concerns increase their loyalty to a company. This is a strategy that I believe will enable me focus on customers concerns hence meeting the appropriately thus a better MRS practitioner. Further, the use of a multi-channeled approach to effective communication has made me learn how to concentrate on various audiences and meet their needs promptly.


Something new you have learned about the way that you learn

As a visual leaner, I have always believed myself in numerous ways. When new ideas come along, I have always responded to visual stimuli. I have learned that facial expressions and non-verbal communication cues influence the way I learn positively. I am good at both verbal and non-verbal communication cues for I realized that interpreting customers’ ideas and information was easy. However, I have learned that I have a weakness in understanding vocal cues used by colleagues when passing information to me and this is why I will not adopt this communication strategy in my MRS business. From my past experience, I always found myself preferring for visual based clarifications and explanations from the directors in an attempt to comprehend the whole concept appropriately. The most memorable lessons I have ever had entailed illustrations, charts, graphs, and photos which made me concentrate and understand better. Today, I properly respond to arts and media lessons about MRS. I have learned that as a visual learner, this will benefit me in approaching different customer issues with unique hands-on stand point. I will implement this strategy in my business by establishing a visual, verbal, and non-verbal cues learning culture in my MRS practitioner job. I believe this work culture will result to improved customer services and business success. Learning Needs Assessment Essay

A new strategy that you believe will help you to learn more effectively

Learning is a process. The new strategy that I believe will help me in learning effectively is working in a culture of diverse workforce. The approach of recruiting a diverse workforce is effective in creative a reliable learning environment. Different people from diverse academic backgrounds, skills, knowledge and expertise have different sound ideas that when shared educate the others appropriately. I am comfortable working with diverse workforce since I get assistance where I am stuck from those with the required skill. When I become a MRS practitioner, I will implement human resource strategy of ensuring that the selected employees have diversity in skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise. This diversity will establish a divergent learning style through which the organizational language culture is used to pass the required information from one practitioner to another. From my experience, when there is workplace diversity- creativity and innovation of new ideas is enhanced. People share ideas and assist each other with no bias. Both the business and personal interests are advanced through this initiative. When I become a MRS practitioner, I will adopt workplace diversity as an approach to strengthening effective learning of new ideas that I believe will boost my business. Learning Needs Assessment Essay


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