MAN204: Project Management Assessment

MAN204: Project Management Assessment 3


As the starting point for this assignment, reflect on the materials we have covered from weeks 1 to 11 in the unit. This includes the textbook, lecture notes, CDU online resources, and any other relevant material that may guide developing a project management plan.

Task Details

Aim: To propose a solution to a staff management problem that will enhance your organisation’s ability to operate efficiently. Should be 3,500 – 4,000 words

Audience: Senior management

Task: Prepare a project management plan which:

  1. Identify an issue/problem.
  2. Examine alternatives and propose a solution.
  3. Present a plan to implement your suggestions.

What to do:

  1. Choose an industry or sector you have experience with (the current workplace or previous ones) OR the industry you are interested in, e.g. healthcare, community services, aviation, hotel, etc.
  2. Assume that you are a Project Manager responsible for quality improvement initiatives within the organisation in this sector.
  3. Identify a problem in your current staff management system.
  4. Research current and emerging best quality improvement practices relevant to your sector and the problem that you have identified.
  5. Compare and evaluate possible solutions.
  6. Decide the best solutions/projects among alternatives based on the screening model (s) we learned in this unit.
  7. Develop an effective project management plan that you believe can enhance your organisation’s ability to operate efficiently in general and manage staffing issues caused by ongoing disruptions in particular.

Format/Structure: You must use a template with headings and subheadings. The template may be:

  1. from your organisation.
  2. a template you found relevant to your chosen industry or sector.
  3. based on the attached template shown on the next page (NB, you may want to adjust the structure to match your needs).


You are to identify the sources of any ideas and words in your assignment that are not yours. Unattributed materials may not be included in the consideration of your assignment and serious cases of academic misconduct will be handled in accordance with the Student Complaints Management Process.