Master Degree Admission Essay

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Master Degree Program Admission Essay

Question 1


I was born in Bangkok and raised in a middle-class family. Always ranked bottom of the class, I started learning English at the age of thirteen. Joining top business school in Thailand came by chance since I came from a negative education background. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Objectives for Pursuing MSBA

Resolving Family crisis and hardships

I told my Dad to take the risk of quitting his full-time job to start a business with his friends. Encouraging him not to be afraid of changes came without carefully considering the current situations. Unfortunately, the business collapsed. My mom had to work hard to support the whole family. I decided to take life and education with seriousness to assist my parents.

Coca-Cola Young Talent Program Experience and desire to be competitive

After graduating with First Class Honors, I joined Coke since my fundamental was strong. However, my English was still worse, and I could not communicate like other colleagues from Ivy League schools in UK/US, and other Thailand international programs. Still, I felt like I needed to improve a lot in language to catch up with them.

Me at Google and desire to expand my business analytics knowledge

I joined Google. At Google, I was the only graduate from Thai School. I wanted to expand my global perspective and experience a lot. At Google, I worked with bright fellows and graduates from top world Universities with diverse and interesting backgrounds where I learned a lot.

Education and Learning objective

Education and hard work are the two things that keep me moving in this challenging world. The opportunity to improve professionally necessitates my academic improvement and progress. The passion for inspiring the underprivileged students before I expire drives me to take this master’s program.

Next Move

Having stated the above, I want to keep developing myself. This is the time to step up, think ahead, and brand myself with the skills I will gain from this master program. Therefore, I will get equipped with the best skills that will be more beneficial for the future leaders in the years to come.

Question 2

MK Suki’s and the management’s inability to analyze business data

At Google, I came across an instance whereby MK Suki a large restaurant was unable to analyze customer data and manage its operations in the right….Show More….


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