Millennials Fear for Current Society

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Millennials Fear for Current Society


The rate at which millennials fear the extinction of human species has declined. While extinction of human species is naturally unwelcomed, millennials fear the current society to the extent of preferring extinction of the human species (Calfas). In this case, fear of the extinction of the human species has dulled due to the current society, and the current society is too demanding so extinction is welcomed. The current society is very challenging, with anxiety for money affecting millennials work-life balance and patterns. People fear poverty than death, and nobody wants to encounter failure in life. This paper discusses why fear of the current society by millennials exceeds their fear of human species extinction. Student Sample: ORDER PAPER NOW

The current state of finances in society

In the modern society, millennials consume a lot of time stressed out about their finances. The main money stressors for millennials are huge debts, inability to manage budgets, and difficulties to afford rent and other basic necessities. In the workplace, millennials worry more about their finances (Alton). Unlike the older generation, millennials lack financial knowledge and life experience to cope with financial stress. New studies reveal that approximately 67 percent of millennials state that financial stress outshines their ability to maintain focus and productivity at work. Also, the younger generation at work consumer at least four hours per week thinking about their finances, two times that by Generation Xers (Josuweit, Andrew, and Forbes). Literally, money sickness is making millennials unproductive. Over 68 percent of millennials say that the adverse effects of financial stress harm their physical health.

Hard work no longer means success

Many millennials try to make the right decisions to shape their road to success, including graduating with a college degree. Success in education is subject to hard work, but student loans put millennials to huge debts (Elam, Terry, and Denise 20). People regret lack of materialized high-paying job offers they yearned for during their hard work. Millennials lack a good image as a hard-working generation. Most of them do not care about settling their credit card and loan dues.  Today, hard work without focus is meaningless and drives an individual to life mess than extinction of human species. Student debts pour a ton of stress to the millennials. Even on securing the much anticipated jobs, these types of debts cannot be compensated over one night. In such cases, hard work hit dead ends of the millennials financially.

People fear the previous two more than death

For the millennials, financial stress and hard work without success are more challenging than death or extinction of human species. Due to financial stress, employee careers get interfered….Continue Reading

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