MKTG3126 Assignment 2: Brand Personalities

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MKTG3126 Assignment 2: Brand Personalities


I am often asked, “How long should my answers be?” While „quantity‟ does not necessarily equate to ‘quality’, it is true that some questions can be answered in 3 lines, or in 3 pages, therefore, please make sure to tighten your answers to concepts/theories discussed in the lectures, and to succinctly answer to questions.

Assignment Questions

For the purposes of this assignment, you will assume you are working at the marketing department of a major athletic shoes firm. Your supervisor wants to understand how consumers view the top competitors in terms of brand personality.

Review the five dimensions of brand personality discussed in the textbook (page 162- 163) as you will use these as a framework.

  1. Interview 5 friends who have purchased a pair of sport shoes about their decision process: did they consider different brands? If so, how many brands, and which brand names? If not, why not considering brands?
  2. Ask them to write down the first several words that come to their mind when they hear the following brand names (called one-by one): Nike, Adidas and Reebok.
  3. From these descriptions, summarize each of three brands ‘personalities. Note: here we are making the assumption that these individuals (interviewed friends) are representative of larger target groups. Therefore your findings from the descriptions of brands personalities are related to these specific individuals and may not be generalized to other individuals or brands.
  4. Describe the possible differences in target markets based on your research?
  5. Select one particular brand and design a magazine ad that reflects what you learned from your research. Note: This is a critical aspect of this assignment, since the ad should be appealing to the brand personality. Therefore, you need to craft, all elements: colors, logo,
    picture, slogan, pictures, etc…in a way that reflects a brand personality, and also “talks” to the target market).
  6. Explain which magazine would be an appropriate media for your ad (you should think about the fit between the target market in terms of audience, and the magazine name).


MKTG3126 Assignment 2: Brand Personalities


Brand personality is a way of differentiating a brand by assigning human personality traits to it.The trait represents  brand behavior through the persons representing the brand, through packaging,marketing, advertising and so forth.alternatively brand personality is simply described as personification of a particular brand giving it a distinct meaning enabling it to stand out from the others.Furthermore brand personality develops as a result of the consumers experience with it.It is durable and very unique.Brand personality manipulate emotions of the consumers it generates its emotional aspect  and association in the minds of its consumer bringing some kind of connection where it influences their opinion of that particular brand.Additionally it brings out the brand attitude that which controls the perception of the consumers towards….Continue Reading….



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