Modern Canadian History- Proposal

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Modern Canadian History- Proposal

Research Paper Proposal

Value: 10%

You are required to write a 1/2 page (approx. 200 word) mini research paper proposal that is accompanied by a 5 source minimum bibliography.

Your proposed paper can be on any aspect of modern Canadian history covered by this course.

Your proposal must outline in proper paragraph format your central question and working theses.

Your bibliography must include 5 sources, 2 of which must be books and 2 of which must be journal articles.

You are allowed to use the course textbook and reference material that is part of the course information.  My lecture notes can be used for ideas, but should not be a source for the Research Paper Proposal or the Research Paper.


Until the end of the course be sure to save a copy of your submitted work in case there is a problem with the online submission.

Length: minimum 4-5 pages or roughly 1000 words

Weight: 25% of your final mark

Assignment Learning Objectives:

By the end of this assignment, students will:

  • Engage in formal writing that requires utilization of all stages of the writing process;
  • Demonstrate reading comprehension through the communication of an original synthesis;
  • Improve their ability to select engaging and appropriate evidence to support their argument(s).


Your Research Paper will be assigned a grade out of 100.  It will be marked on line and you will receive feedback on the essay online, either in an e-mail or with the comment feature of MSWord.  The essay rubric can be found in the Table of Contents under in the Essay section. Modern Canadian History- Proposal

There is also a sample essay found there.


You are required to submit a Research Paper based some aspect of modern Canadian history covered by this course.  The paper should be no shorter than 4 pages double spaced (approximately 1000 words), not including the bibliography and the footnotes.

To submit your essay go to the Dropbox and click on the Dropbox Folder marked Essay.  Then click Add a File.  The click Upload and browse for your essay file or drag and drop it into the box. Once it has finished loading click Add and the Submit, followed by Done.  If you find you made some error or omission before the due date and time you can upload your essay again. You are allowed more than one submission, but I will mark the newest one only.

Be sure to submit your essay in a doc or docx file.  If you are using OpenOffice do not use the standard OpenOffice format, it cannot be opened in Desire2learn.  Save it as an MSWord file, since there is that option in OpenOffice.  If you submit it as an OpenOffice file it will not be marked.

Late assignments will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.

There is also an guide to help you with footnoting .  You are also expected to be familiar with the History Department Essay Guide.

You must use Chicago style. I have also posted a link in the Tests and Assignments section to a video on how to use Chicago Style.

Use the “Notes and Bibliography” version of Chicago Style.

MLA and APA formats are not accepted.

You must use a minimum of 5 sources.  You are expected to use a variety of sources, including books and articles.  You may use any of the recommended readings for the course. Use of the Internet is discouraged, but not prohibited.  The history presented on many web sites is often inaccurate or cannot be properly attributed or verified.  Marks will be taken off if too much reliance on web sites occurs in the production of the essay.  Online books and journal articles are the exception to this.  You are encouraged to use these sources.  Please consult with the instructor if you are uncertain if a source can be used.

My lecture notes can be used for ideas, but should not be a source for the Research Paper.


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