MRS100- Reflective Journal

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MRS100- Reflective Journal

Something you have learned that you believe will help you to become a better MRS practitioner. Explain how and why you believe this has helped.

One of the important things I have learned that I believe will make me become a better MRS practitioner is learning strategies. Every individual is different in the way they think and act, and this then translates to the way they approach different tasks. When reading, for instance, when one encounters something they do not understand, most people will slow down trying to decipher the meaning of the words. Curiously, people approach things they do not understand differently. Everyone has a set of strategies they fall back to when faced with a problem. All these depend on the process or learning style category they fall under. I believe my understanding of learning strategies will help me become a better MRS practitioner in several ways. First, the understanding of how I learn will help me solve problems faster, because I will know which approach will work best and fastest for me. Secondly, I will understand how people I work with and encounter learn and approach problems, and this will help when collaborative effort is required. Most importantly, though, the understanding of my and other people’s learning strategies will help me tailor instructions to them in ways that are understandable and executable.


Something new you have learned about the way that you learn

I have always believed myself to be in many ways a visual learner. I have always responded to visual stimuli, especially when new ideas are introduced. I noticed that I always had vivid pictures depicting any new ideas I might have or that are being introduced to me and when I did not understand anything, I always found myself asking for visual based clarification or explanations. The most memorable lessons I have ever had involved some sort of illustrations, like graphs, charts or photos. Being an introverted individual, I am a keen listener who never talks much. This could be why I respond particularly well to visual arts and media. One thing I learned about learning styles and strategies is that they do not have to be mutually exclusive. Everyone has their own approach to problems. But this does not mean the only effective learning strategy will be the dominant one. As a visual learner, I might in some instances benefit from approaching problems from a hands-on stand point. Further, the lessons on learning strategies led me to further research on learning styles, where I found other points of view on learning which I found particularly interesting and useful; like left brain vs right brain, field dependent vs field independent assimilators, accommodators, divergers, convergers and so on. MRS100- Reflective Journal

A new strategy that you believe will help you to learn more effectively

In my research, one of the new learning styles I encountered was the divergent learning style. For a long time, I have been most comfortable with the visual learning style, mostly because of my….Show More Content….

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