NYC Foster Care System 

NYC Foster Care System


Remember, you are asked to consider the ways in which the history of settler colonialist society, its ideologies, beliefs, values, language and ways of knowing, shape the manner in which social work is currently practiced.

  • How do they contribute to the experiences of service users as they interface within the system you have chosen to write about?
  • How might they have shaped the meaning that service users place on their own circumstances, identities, etc.?
  • How do they inform how you, as the practitioner, utilize your power and positionality in the processes of assessment, engagement and intervention?
  • What are some of the strategies for dismantling these types of thoughts, policies and practices?
  • What are some alternative, decolonized thoughts, policies and practices and the possibilities that might emerge from these shifts?


  • An analysis of the Polices and implications of the NYC Foster Care System


Current examples of laws in child welfare/foster care. These laws include the following-

  • Termination of parental rights
  • Teen pregnancy in foster care


  • Utilizing the just practice framework
  • 5 context framework; power, possibility, meaning, context, history
  • Teacher/learner module


  • Elaborating on key factors that should be decolonized within the foster care system
  • Reporting suspect child abuse/maltreatment
  • Removing children from their caretakers


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