Organizational Planning and Tools

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Organizational Planning and Tools


A company’s organizational plan is a critical part of its structure and is one of the clearest demonstrations of the planning for its operations. Within an organization, managers use a number of tools to carry out organizational plans and to measure the success of organizational performance in light of strategic goals. In this Assignment, you will examine the contributions managers make to an organization’s plan, as well as their use of organizational charts and the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). (

Submit your responses to the following prompts:

  • Explain how managers can contribute to an organization’s strategic and operational planning. (75–150 words, or 1–2 paragraphs). Click here to ORDER NOW
  • Describe what an organizational chart is and provide a written example of how an organizational chart could be used within an organization. Explain how organizational charts can benefit managers. (150 words, or 2 paragraphs).
  • Describe the four dimensions that are measured in a balanced scorecard (BSC). Explain what purposes a BSC can serve for a manager. (75–150 words, or 1–2 paragraphs). Click here to ORDER NOW

NB: Ensure your Organizational Planning and Tools assignment is fully referenced with 3-4 APA Journals.

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