PCN 500- Week 1 Assignment

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PCN 500- Week 1 Assignment

Question: What are your personal assumptions about: How do people develop the kinds of psychological
distress that bring them to counseling? What constitutes “good mental health” or “a good life?” How do people change, grow emotionally, develop better coping mechanisms, or change destructive behaviors?


People believe that psychological methods use interaction which is very personal hence they help every individual to change and overcome behaviors and the problems as per person’s desires. Also, it aims to improve well-being, mental health of individual, mitigate behaviors which are troublesome and beliefs and also improves social skills and relationships and that’s why people do develop psychological distress to bring counseling.

Always when mental health is good, it becomes cornerstone which is used to build and maintain a life which is good. Having good life is mainly constituted by having healthy food every day, conquer all fears, chase the dreams, and being able to give the family and society bright future. Also good mental health constitutes ability to learn, been able to maintain good relations and being able to cope with changes.

People manage to change, grow emotionally and change destructive behaviors by accepting themselves for the change. People start by observing how and where to spend their time hence they start growing slowly while changing those bad behaviors hence changing completely.

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