People Behavior in Organizations

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People Behavior in Organizations


  • A written assignment of 3000 words maximum (excluding references)
  • The topic and title of the assignment is to be chosen by the student.
  • A thorough analysis OB-related issue or problem encountered or observed in your work with clearly stated conclusions
  • Well supported by theory and evidence, and including relevant observations and examples

Choosing a Topic

  • Issue related to organizational behaviour of conceptual and practical significance…e.g. not a routine or technical issue
  • Identifying tensions in meeting goals, disconnects between theory and application realities, using theory to illuminate an unexplained situation…that kind of thing
  • Best starting point for a critical analysis is a question with a ‘hook’, one that sets up a defined argument…e.g. not a neutral statement


Structuring the assignment

  • Introduction – issue summary, issue significance, conclusions summary; why should the reader be interested?
  • Analysis – the argument; statement – support – meaning cycles logically organised into sub-parts; an organizing framework has to be actively imposed
  • Conclusions – meaning and implications of the overall analysis; what new knowledge has been generated? People Behavior in Organizations

Identifying & using supporting evidence

  • Supporting an argument/point means providing informational back-up – some reason for acceptance
  • Different types of arguments/points require different types of support
  • Statements about a specific workplace/context need observations and examples, data if relevant/available
  • Statements about concepts/causal links/likely outcomes of actions need theory and/or study findings


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