Personal Reflection Leadership Essay 

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Personal Reflection Leadership Essay 

In 350 words, respond to the following questions in essay form:

  1. Most of us have experience with in-groups and out-groups. Discuss a time when you were in one or the other and wished you were in the one you were not. In other words, you might have been in the in-group but resented the extra pressure and responsibility, or, conversely, you might have been in the out-group and wished you had more access and input in decisions being made. How did leadership theories manifest in these situations?
  2. Given servant leadership’s antecedent condition of follower receptivity, do you feel like you would enjoy working for a servant leader? How about an authentic leader? Why, or why not? If you have experience working with, or for, an individual who exhibited the behavior of the leadership theories discussed in this unit, please share what that experience was like.


Please keep the number and also 350 words count.

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