Personal Statement- Faculty of Law 

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Personal Statement- Faculty of Law 

The greatest decision I ever made in my life was to take part in the debate competitions in school. This was my best experience because I wanted to become a lawyer in future. In most cases, I emerged the winner in the debate competitions among different colleges. This made me happier, and I felt encouraged interested in studying law.

In every village, elementary and secondary and high school, I enrolled at the Faculty of law and obtained bachelor’s and master’s from the Damascus University blew up, and my senior thesis on international humanitarian law, got honours, and practised law with the best Lawyers. ‘


I grew up in a rural town with less population; the only learned people I knew in my whole life were my teachers who had gone to colleges. As girls got older in our town, they got pregnant hence dropping out of school at a young age. This made me so offset because I had no other role models inspiring my academic journey.

My dream was to study law in one of the best universities in the world. I was worried because I knew that my parents could not afford to take me to such a university and we had no other means. This didn’t make me give up because I knew that if I worked hard in school and got good grade my dream would become a reality. Personal Statement- Faculty of Law 

My educational background had a very strong effect on my interest and development, and this influenced my decision to pursue graduate studies in law at the United States of America universities. I grew up in a town which had no educational opportunities.

My career plan is to complete my undergraduate degree in law and go ahead to pursue a career as a lawyer while in the United States of America. I am researching the law to add to the existing information about fighting for the rights of the people. I needed to have a break because of the financial problem, but for the scholarship I received am ready to continue with my law program, and gain more skills and knowledge which I need to make my dream a reality.

Following my internship in Syria, I was able to work in law courts where I gained a lot of knowledge and skills as a lawyer. I also became a role model to many people in the countries, and this increased my interest to even study more about the law. I have been accepted at the United States of America universities for the admission in a law program.

For the period I deferred from college, I was much involved in my community where I mentored at different institutions and organizations on the importance of studying law.

Working at the law courts at Syria made me more experienced because I handled many cases which some lawyers could not handle and this made me famous. People in those countries respected me so much, and they knew that I would become a great lawyer in future.

As a young person fully determined and with a dream of becoming the most celebrated lawyer ever known in the whole world, this scholarship will be so much valuable as I work towards achieving my goals. I will study diligently to make sure that my vision will not go to waste.


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