Portfolio for Tourism Tajikistan

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Portfolio for Tourism Tajikistan


The portfolio summarizes the tourism sector in Tajikistan. The main type of tourism experienced in the land is ecology tourism or ecotourism. It is due to the beautiful nature of the land as well as the sky touching mountains that are major tourist’ attraction features. The land is literally acknowledged for having great men like Abdullah Rudaki and respected because of the birth and death of the literature Persian father. The land has a variety of hotels in the country offering accommodation, food, and place in relation to the tourists. Tourists can visit the country in March to enjoy cultural celebrations of the country. They are also urged to visit the country during the spring and autumn times (Jorgensen, 2012, p.12). ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Current Business Operation

The tourist’ industry is located in Asia at Tajikistan; its main purpose is to serve tourists both locally and internationally offering a variety of services for instance accommodation, relaxation, foods, and place for conferencing as well as watching what nature has provided. The major boost of the business is due to the fact that it has a variety of tourists’ attraction features, therefore, attracting tourists both locally, regionally and internationally (Kleytor, 2008, p. 6).  The infrastructures are still developing in order to fully get accessed to international opportunities. The place has been able to attract tourists since extraordinary opportunities are offered for adventure as well as eco-cultural activities with an attractive landscape. The Turkish airline, Somon air fly, and Baltic air connect the city making the city to be accessed easily.  Additionally, the liberalization of the visa regime has been achieved recently. Additionally, the landscape of Tajikistan is mountainously occupying 93% of the landscape. These mountains offer a rugged landscape that attracts tourists both internationally and locally (Kloiber, 2011, p.17).  The populated valleys of the country have a rich history too. The country shares borders with China in the east, Afghanistan in the south, Kyrgyzstan in the north and Uzbekistan in the west.  Besides the mountains, there are many beautiful streams, rivers, and lakes emanating from two principal ranges of Pamirs and Alay mountains. The current market for the industry is the domestic tourists that accounts for a bulk of tourism expenditure in the country. Additionally, there is also increase in the international tourists. The tourism activities operate mostly…..Show More….

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