Portfolio Research Assignment

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Portfolio Research Assignment

Assignment instruction

(1500words with 6 APA references)

1. List a minimum of three reliable professional interpreting associations in Australia. For each association explain how they differ and how they are similar.

2. Research professional resources, associations and networks to find at least two suitable professional development activities related to current ethical practice.

3. Attend the two activities.

4. Write a short report with headings and paragraphs under each heading. Portfolio Research Assignment

  • Explain how/where you found the activities.
  • Describe who organised the activities and the nature of that organisation.
  • Describe the activity in detail.
  • Analyse what you learned from the activities and critically reflect on the value of the activity, including how well the activities met your professional development needs.
  • Describe who you met and how you strengthened your networks
  • Reference your sources correctly using APA referencing.


Notes: Please read the questions carefully and answer appropriately for each question.

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