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Practice Weeks the Future You Assignment 2

Learning Outcomes: In successful completion of this assessment, you will partially demonstrate that you are able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of a range of techniques for evaluating personal skills and abilities
  • Reflect upon and evaluate your “personal brand” and your resultant competence to compete successfully in the work environment.
Tasks: This is an individual report.

  • Produce a report in which you reflect upon the effectiveness of your personal brand and plan actions to enhance your PB. Please remember that this is not your PB statement but your behaviours and attitudes as they might be demonstrated in employment situations.
  • Your reflection should make use of research into the literature on this topic, feedback and specific incidents and an established action planning method.
  • You should make used of an appropriate action planning framework with which to form your plan.
  • Your plan should be based on a reflection on the recommendations made in the literature and a reflection on your behaviours and characteristics that you will have conducted throughout the unit and in other areas (such as work or your studies).
  • You should make actions specific and realistic.

Threshold standards:

Produce a reflection on your personal brand and an action plan for developing an effective personal brand

(note this means a personal brand in terms of personal impact rather than a brand statement or an online presence). Practice Weeks the Future You Assignment 2

Word limit: 2000 words + or – 5% (not including introduction’ contents, reference list and appendices)
Reference List and resources You need to support your work with reference to your sources

Use Harvard referencing style (see the Learning Resources website:

The reference list should be A-Z by author surname.

Acknowledgement of your sources must also appear within the text of the report as well as in the reference section

Submission: The deadline for the assessment is: Friday 21st May before 1000am

Work submitted after the deadline cannot be accepted and will be considered a non-submission.

Only submission via BREO can be accepted. Work not submitted through BREO may be counted as a non-submission.

You must apply for mitigating circumstances if you are unable to submit via BREO (

Assessment Criteria: Assessment will be undertaken using the assessment criteria provided.
Feedback: Feedback and provisional grades will be available on or before (20 days after submission)


Section / Title Details / Guidance
Title page Include name, student ID number, unit title and code, assessment title, date of submission.
Contents Page Include page numbers.
Introduction Short introduction to the report setting out what the aims and objectives of the reflective report are, what the report will cover and why. (not included in the word count)
Reflective Report You should use the reflection and literature from Assignment one to help you to produce an action plan for improvement and development of your personal brand.

Section 1:

Outline detailed reasons for the choice of specific areas for improvement

 Section 2:

 Produce a detailing Action plan detailing what you will do to create a more effective personal brand

(You must use a recognised action planning framework and method. The actions should be specific and relate to the literature above and to your work in the unit including feedback and reflection on your role in the activities conducted )

You must organise your work appropriately. Therefore:

Your work should not be descriptive or narrative (e.g. not just what you did) but reflective.

Actions must be specific rather than general

You should make sure that the actions are realistic (e.g. if you are naturally a quiet person it is unrealistic to state that you will become an extravert).

You may consider these actions in relation to the requirements of the type of role or career that you are intending to pursue. If this is not clear to you at the moment you should at least consider what would be appropriate for a ‘graduate level’ job or even an entrepreneur.


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