Product Launch Assignment

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Product Launch Assignment

Product Management – Product Launch Assignment

As a product manager we want you to do the following:
1. Analyze the data to see the insights that can be built upon this for CPG brands. Please share your thoughts about data quality, gaps and any other notable observations
2. What do you see as the long-term market opportunity looking at the current data set? What do you think is the size of the opportunity or specifically how would you size it?
3. Assuming the data set can be further enriched (additional data can be added), what are some other broad opportunities you see?
4. What are you able to find about competitive offerings? Can you share your observations of one or two notable competitors?
5. How do you think we can displace competitors and generate greenfield sales to dominate the market?
6. Based on your data and market analysis, what are the key set of high-level features that can be offered to customers?
7. For any one high-level feature, can you break it down into technical requirements for the development team? Also include the prioritization and the minimum viable definition for this specific feature.
8. Can you draw (picture of a diagram on paper is fi********** user **********nce for the proposed specific feature?
9. Can you articulate the technical back-end and front-end services that will have to be built to implement this specific feature?
10. How do you think your product should be priced? How will you validate pricing?
11. Can you provide a one-page datasheet for your product?
12. What will be your high level go-to-market strategy for launch?
13. What are your thoughts on expanding the capabilities and/or applications of this product within the CPG segment and other market segments?


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