Project Control Assessment

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Project Control Assessment

Design Build and Design Bid Build are different construction delivery methods that are largely used in the society today.

Design-Build (Design and Construct)

Design-Build refers to a engineering project delivery approach in which a single entity- the design build team- operates under a one contract with the owner of project to offer design and construction services. The project owner only contacts the design builder in the case any project concerns or questions get raised.


Design-Bid-Build (Design- Tender- Bid)

Design-Bid-Build refers to a engineering project delivery approach utilized by numerous building owners in their construction projects. Design-Bid-Build construction follows three steps: design, bid, and build just as the name suggest. The design phase entails working with an architect in order to design a more feasible plan that is acceptable to contractors in the bidding process. The bid stage involves tendering and is and involves open bidding to all contractors. Also, the bid stage involves select bidding whereby bids are analyzed by the architect and the general contractor. For every job, many contractors are needed and this is why experienced contractors are the best to consider in an engineering project. A proper design-tender-bid plan gives project owners high quality contractors for the project being committed. Project Control Assessment

The construction phase is the stage in which construction contractors would become involved in the actual project process.


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