PSY 690- Literature Review Themes

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PSY 690- Literature Review Themes

Instructions: The goal of this assignment is to help you organize the main themes and sections of your literature review.  Your outline should include, at a minimum, the major themes/subheadings of your literature review, and some organization of the citations you plan to use in your literature review.  You may also find it helpful to include the main points you wish to make for each theme/subheading.  Please review the samples provided, Rosnow Chapter 5, and the following tips in preparing your outline:

  • Organize the flow of the outline from broad to more specific
  • The order of paragraphs/sections should be determined by themes, not individual studies. Within each paragraph/section you should synthesize the findings of studies related to the topic of that paragraph/section
  • Consider how you will transition from one section/paragraph to the next – does the paper have a logical flow of ideas?
  • The outline will be most useful for you if you also include the main points you intend to make in each section of your literature review
  • Your outline will serve as the basis for your literature review, but remember that you can always modify it as you continue to work on the literature review. PSY 690- Literature Review Themes


Grading Rubric


10 points

●     Submission is free of typographical and grammatical errors

●     Bullet points or other categories are used to organize the content


40 points

●     Flows from broad to specific

●     Order of sections has a logical flow

●     Headings and subheadings are informative and reflect familiarity with content


50 points

●     Author’s perspective/voice is reflected in outline

●     Flow of ideas is coherent

●     No significant gaps in content

●     Author has indicated where some citations will go in the outline, showing evidence of reading

●     Breadth of content is commensurate with the requirement of 12 sources for the First Draft (not all 12 sources need to be included in the assignment, though)


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