Psychology Case Study Analysis

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Psychology Case Study Analysis

Write a six fully developed paragraph essay that answers the following question in its entirety. You must have 6 fully developed paragraphs explaining and defining part A and B, with the text as reference at the end.


Delia has had a tough year.  She is recently divorced and her last child just moved out.  She feels as if she is in a dead-end job and has few friends.  She seeks treatment for depression(symptoms include: tearfulness, insomnia, lack of motivation, headaches, and social withdrawal). Psychology Case Study Analysis

Select two of the following treatment approaches:  Biomedical, Analytical (Insight), Behavioral, and Cognitive.

(A)  Briefly compare and contrast the two approaches to how they would treat Delia, making certain that you identify specific strategies.


(B) Choose the one you would prefer and briefly explain why.


Remember: You must cite and reference the information from the textbook and any videos you choose to use to support your ideas.

Please use this as a reference: (Mandatory!!) Chapter 16

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