Question: How I can make

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Question: How I can make

Question: How I can make a diversity memo that answers this questions together?

  1. What is meant by invisible privilege?   share an experience where you have had a “privilege” or where you felt you were treated unfairly because you didn’t have a “privilege.”
  2. As the hiring manager, what are some strategies that you can employ to increase diversity within your company?  Why is it important for you to work towards a diverse workforce?
  3. As the administrative office manager for Hardy Health, you need to decide whether or not to implement an English-only policy for staff.  Your staff consists of 100 administrative workers.  All of your workers speak English but there are 25% of them (representing 5 different languages) who have a native language other than English.  Often times, the native language has been used for casual peer conversations.  The English-only staff feels uncomfortable when their  co-workers speak in a language that they can’t understand.  Do you think that an English-only policy is a good idea?  Share arguments for both sides of this management decision.


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