Real Estate – Florida Law

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Real Estate – Florida Law

Analyze each problem and determine the type of property ownership, in Florida.

  1. Grantor conveyed Blackacre “to Ann, Brad, Charlie, and Doug, in equal shares, as joint tenants with right of survivorship.”
  2. See 1. Brad gave his interest in Blackacre to his son, Ethan. Then Doug died leaving his share of Blackacre to his daughters, Fran and Jan.
  3. Grantor conveyed Blackacre “to Husband and Wife.”
  4. Grantor conveyed Blackacre “to Amy and Betty, equally with right of survivorship, and to Carla when she reaches 25 years of age.” Carla was 18 years old on the date that Grantor signed the deed to Blackacre.
  5. Grantor conveyed Blackacre “to Nancy and Jenny.”
  6. Grantor conveyed Blackacre “to Becky and Bob, as joint tenants.”   


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