Regulation of Junk Food Use

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Regulation of Junk Food Use

The consumption of Junk foods harms human health and contributes to obesity, diabetes, skin cancer, and heart diseases. With diabetes and obesity at record levels, public health experts recommend the government to tax sweets, junk food, soda, and other unhealthy drinks and foods. France, Mexico, Hungary, Finland, and Denmark have already initiated such taxes. This essay seeks to explain whether public consumption of junk food should be discouraged through public policy implementation such as taxation, bans, and monetary subsidization of healthier foods.

Soft drinks represent the major health threats to the human body. Healthy experts propose that the government should ban the sale of junk foods to promote healthy living. Banning of junk food consumption requires the government to first restore people’s diets to a more natural state. Until recently, most people had no choice but eating a healthy diet with modest food proportions with less fat saturation, high of fiber, and low in sugar. Banning consumption of soft drinks needs to apply to all Americans, and mainly focus on paternal laws on kids.

Excess consumption of junk foods poses health risks that warrant policy attention. Public policy implementation of high taxes policies to junk foods is very important. Taxes change what people consume and drink. Therefore, the government needs to pass a significant fraction of taxes to junk foods prices. The imposition of tax on junk foods serves as an excellent monetary policy to discourage their consumption. In response, people drink and eat less of the higher priced products and prefer consuming more of natural substitutes.

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