Research Proposal Assignment

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Research Proposal Assignment

Topic: Factors impacting small-scale business for Internationalisation. And once you have defined the factors, then what? What will the results of the applied research be used for/applied to?

Rationale for Study

In recent time, small business enterprises are facing the issue of going global as in international market; they are facing stern competition against the large market giant. Before entering the international market, the small business enterprises should do the market research where they can understand the situation of entering the market. Understanding the international customers are needed to tap into the expertise creating the blueprint of the products development and marketing strategy (Vahlne and Johnson 2017). The factors like unfamiliar cultures in the international market and the physical distance among the places are creating issues for the small business enterprises. In addition, small businesses need to learn about the prospective customers and the customer base of the organisation (Brandenburg and De Wit 2015). Small businesses of Australia shares almost 44% of the employment and in the foreign market, it can help to enlarge the business. The small business enterprises have been facing the issue of globalisation efforts of report, communication and track to impact heavily on the foreign market. Small business is facing the issue tariffs and export fees. The small businesses have small capital and financial planning is necessary in order to go global. This study aims to find out the factors that influence Australia based small businesses on internationalisation. Research Proposal Assignment

The Context of Study

This research will recognise the ways through which the small business enterprises can penetrate to the global market. In a previous time, it was easier to expand the business at the global scale (Knight 2015). In recent time, the domestic market is becoming saturated and in numbers of competitors is increasing by leaps and bound. Domestic market can boost the short-term sales and many of the foreign companies are entering the domestic market making the market red ocean for the small business enterprises….Show More Content….




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