Revolution Mothers- A Book Review

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Revolution Mothers- A Book Review

In her work, Berkin shows how American mothers contributed to the revolution in America and how they were affected by the Revolutionary war and ideologies. The title of the book clearly shows the primary goal of his work. [1]The purpose of the author is to explain the contribution of women in Revolution war although they had no equal rights with men like today. Women possessed qualities like intelligence, courage, courage, and strength.  The revolution of America consisted of home-front war that resulted to bloodshed, danger, and scarcity in the lives of the Americans. A PREVIEW: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The revolution women were active in their homes whereby they organized the boycotting of British goods. Women raised funds for the revolution in the United States. The revolution women helped in managing the businesses of their family as their husbands and fathers struggled for independence (Berkin 2006). Women like Margaret Corbin were in front line taking into her husband’s place in the struggle for freedom.

Berkin proficiently uses a significant number of sources in her work. Berkin uses materials from newspapers, diaries, letters, memoirs and recollections from the heroines of the revolutionary war. Historical books that focus on the role of women in the colonial period and biographies of individuals in the colonial period. Berkin uses these materials in supporting her view that the women contributed to the struggle for independence.

The book is strongly-referenced and well-written in telling the women’s history in the American Revolution. It shows that women from various backgrounds participated in the war. The book is useful to the students and teachers. The students will learn about the past lives of colonial and modern women and their diversity. They will learn about the contribution of women during the revolution, and it will help in researching about people during the revolution. End of Preview: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


Berkin, Carol. Revolutionary Mothers. Reprint, New York, 2006.

[1] Berkin, Carol. Revolutionary Mothers. Reprint, New York, 2006.


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