Ship of Fools Literary Analysis

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Ship of Fools Literary Analysis

In his book, Ship of Fools, Carlson shows how the ruling class is getting America to the brink of revolution. The author addresses the central democrats and republicans has ones who have converged into the hostile elite that functions to counter the interests of the majority of Americans. In several occasions, the author uses the term ‘Jewish’ before the term ‘Elite’ and also uses “White” before ‘Americans. “As such, the literate members of the right are not of making use of the Ship of fools. The book has a sense of urgency in the daily lives of the American people and their future as a nation. In his book, the author points out that,” In politics as in life, nothing is really hidden, only ignored. A candidate’s character is transparent.” He also points out that “Trumps election was not about Donald trump. It was about throbbing middle finger in the face of America’s ruling class. It was a gesture of contempt, a low of rage, the end result of decades of selfish and unwise decisions which were made by selfish and unwise leaders. Happy countries do not elect Donald Trump president but the desperate ones do. In retrospect, the lesson seemed obvious was evident: Ignore voters enough and you end up getting Donald Trump.” The author sees an impending civil war on the Horizon and argues that the left and those right members leaning on the left are mostly responsible. He also points out that these characters are the primary reason as to why Donald trump was chosen in 2016. The lefts are advised to clean up their acts and cater for the needs of the majority if they want to see populist nationalists like Donald trump.


The author also discusses the classical liberal which has been replaced by the pro-worker agenda of the democrat party which has given much weight to the identity politics. The author discusses how Uber exploits its employees and how other companies like apple deals with firms in China that overwork employees till they commit suicide. The author points out that,” A 2018 study at MIT found that fully three quarters of Uber drivers earned less than the minimum hourly wage in the states where they were driving. Almost a third of them lost money in the deal. In effect, they were paying Uber to drive. It was pretty good deal for Uber. The company’s thirty nine year old founder and chief executive officer had a net worth of $ 5 billion.” However, these companies get a pass from the modern left for them being politically right in all ways. The author finalizes this discussion by pointing out that companies are able to mistreat their employees but for the price of installing the transgender bathroom, they purchase a pass. The shareholder gets victory while the worker losses. It is easier to bow to a diversity agenda that increasing the wages for the employees. The author points out that the latter is brought about by “Trump Politics.”

The author also discusses immigration by discussing the obvious on the dissident right: the politics of identity on the left and the affinity for cheap labor on the right have led to the immigration crisis in the United States. The right has not been this way and so has been the left. The author points out prominent people like Chavez who did not welcome illegal immigration and would in several occasions open brutal methods to enforce opposition such as assaulting the Mexican “wetbacks” when they tried to cross border to America.

The author also discusses a moment of change in 2004 presidential election. He points out that, “In a single presidential cycle, everything changed “in 2004, the protection of the American workers was not an issue to be discussed. The latter stemmed from the torrent of illegal immigration to punishing employers who were reliant on the illegal workers. The 2004 elections called from a democratic platform by the name amnesty for the illegal immigrants and a path to citizenship. The vows made on the protection of the border aimed at…Show More…

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