SHR044-6 Referral Assignment 1

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SHR044-6 Referral Assignment 1

Coursework Information Sheet

To be supplied to students when they receive the coursework assignment task.

Unit Co-ordinator: Dr Pauline Loewenberger
Unit Name: Mobilising Creativity and Innovation
Unit Code: SHR044-6 (Europe and Oman)
Title of Coursework: Referral Assignment 1
% weighting of final unit grade: 40%

 Feedback details

The university policy is that you will receive prompt feedback on your work within 15 working days of the submission date.  Exceptionally where this is not achievable (for example due to staff sickness) you will be notified as soon as possible of the revised date and the reasons behind the change.

Submission Deadline:  tba                      
Feedback Date              20 working days
Details of how to access the feedback:  Breo


  • Your work must be submitted to Breo in the usual way in good time for the deadline stated above. You will be allowed one single submission.
  • Please make sure you fully complete the Electronic Marking of Assignments submission process. Errors cannot be rectified after the deadline.


Task: Report on Individual Creative thinking skills                               

In this unit we consider many alternative approaches and perspectives on how organisational creativity and innovation might be promoted or blocked in practice across multiple levels: individual, group and organisation.  Assignment 1 is specifically concerned with promoting individual creativity as it contributes to the innovation process.

Critically evaluate creative problem solving (CPS) in the context of your work organisation. You will need to consider individual blocks to the generation of new ideas and how these might be overcome using structured techniques. Using Osborn-Parnes as a framework how might you plan to facilitate a CPS session using structured techniques?  SHR044-6 Referral Assignment 1

Your analysis must be independently written up in report format (1500 words) individually and must be informed and fully supported by quality academic theory, citing appropriate sources and with full bibliographic references using the Harvard style.

You will need to demonstrate achievement of the Learning Outcomes for this unit.

Core learning outcomes
  On completion of this unit you should be able to: Assessment number
1 Demonstrate a systematic understanding and critical appreciation of theories and models of creativity, innovation and change management in the context of contemporary organisations. 1, 2
2 Synthesise individual and organisational theoretical perspectives to systematically promote the potential for creativity, innovation and change in practice. 1, 2


To pass on this assessment, as an absolute minimum (40%) your work will need to meet the following threshold standards.  

Threshold standards
Assessment number In order to pass the assessment you will need to:
1 Demonstrate a critical knowledge and understanding of challenges and opportunities in promoting organisational creativity and innovation.
Synthesise alternative perspectives of influential contemporary theorists, contributors and models.
2 Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, abilities and approaches necessary to effectively orchestrate organisational systems to promote and sustain creativity, innovation and manage change.
Synthesise capability across multiple levels to add value and optimise creativity, innovation and organisational performance.

 For the requirements to achieve a higher mark please refer to the assessment evaluation criteria specified in the rubric on the final page.