Social Media Followers Report

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Social Media Followers Report

Introduction and Footprint

Manu Manzo is a 25-year old singer, songwriter and producer born in Caracas, Venezuela. At the age of 11 the artist moved to Miami. She grew up listening to both international and Venezuelan jazz and Latin artists. She performed in several bands in Miami and studied for two years at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she discovered new sounds like Neo Soul. All of these influences gave Manu’s music a soul and R&B vibe (Manu Manzo Music, 2019). In 2015, she released her first EP “Como Soy”, which was followed by a Latin Grammy nomination in the category ‘Best New Artist’ (Peermusic, 2019). Her next album “Intermediate” came out in 2018 (Manu Manzo, 2019). Additionally in that year she got signed by Universal Latin Music Entertainment and published her first official singles “Caminando” and “Sucia Boca” under their label In-Tu Linea (Manu Manzo Music, 2019). On her Instagram, she announced that she is currently working on a new album and preparing for a small tour for this year (Manu Manzo, 2019).


The analytics website Chartmetric provides an overview of Manu Manzo’s current social media following (Chartmetric, 2019):

Figure 1. Manu Manzo’s Social Media Following (2nd June, 2019).

A look at Manu’s Instagram reveals a lot about her brand image as a singer. With her style and attitude, she presents herself as a fashionable and confident young woman. She mostly posts pictures of herself and sometimes takes a stand on important topics like the recent discussion about women’s reproductive rights or self love (Manu Manzo, 2019). In an interview, she mentioned that she wants people in her generation to believe in themselves and follow their dreams (Latingua, 2017).

Target Group

The useful tool of market segmentation has been used to identify an ideal target group for Manu Manzo. By following the step-by-step guide (Dolnicar, 2018), the company could specify a market segment of individuals with similar consumer behaviors and characteristics, which was translated into a persona (see Appendix …: Persona). A fitting value creation and media plan have been created on the basis of this segmentation process (see Appendix …: Segmentation Process).

Description and Justification

Through the market segmentation, the group was able to section the existing and potential audience of Manu Manzo into different groups (see Appendix…: Segmentation Process). Out of those segments, the following was chosen: Segment 1: 18 – 24 years old; female; located in the USA, Hispanic, main language English, able to speak Spanish; interested in music, fashion and beauty; music preference: Latin music, Pop; active on Social Media.

This target group fulfills both the essential as well as the attractiveness criteria, making it a highly valuable market segment for the artist. To summarize, the segment is homogeneous in the fact that they are female young Hispanic Americans. Furthermore, the individuals share their interest in music and fashion. The differentiable aspect of this segment is their cultural background, which also makes them a substantial segment due to the high representation of Hispanics in the U.S. as well as their growth potential. The segment is reachable through social media, especially Instagram and prefers streaming their music. Additionally, the segment is actionable for Manu as she falls within the genre Latin Pop and beside her music is also interested in fashion and beauty. She connects with the target group through her heritage and being a relatable young professional in the U.S. (Cobo, 2018; Hypeauditor, 2019). With her style, lyrics and attitude, she represents strong and independent females and can be a role model to the younger girls in this segment.


Media Behavior and Usage

The Nielsen report for Latin Music in the U.S. shows that Hispanic listeners spend two hours more per week on music than the average American, while mostly using streaming services to listen to music. They “spend 15% more money on music (concerts, live events, etc.). Additionally, Hispanic consumers are more likely to share songs, videos and playlists with family and friends on social media and use more devices each week to listen to music” (Cobo, 2018).

The target group uses social media, preferably Instagram. Out of all American users, 60 % used the platform daily, while 80 % used it at least weekly in 2018 (Pew Research Center, 2018). Maybe more about how or what they use it for?


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