Social Mobility: The American Dream Essay

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Social Mobility: The American Dream Essay

Sociology: Social Mobility (The American Dream)

The American Dream is the belief that prosperity and success are available to all Americans who work hard and are self-determined. The American Dream was a catalyst for the rapid economic and social development of the United States. Most Americans define the American Dream as earning a college degree, owning their own home, taking vacations and experiencing upward social mobility. Due to changes in social structures such as the economy and corporate America, some argue the American Dream is no longer available to all Americans. On the other hand, others still believe anyone can climb the social ladder and experience social mobility. Think about whether you agree or disagree with the idea that social mobility is achievable for most Americans. Write an essay expressing your opinion about social mobility and the American Dream. Be sure to explain the sociological terms structural mobility and life chances in your response. Integrate these terms and concepts to discuss whether the American Dream is achievable for most Americans.


Student Sample:

Social mobility refers to the movement of individuals, families, or group of people from one social status to the other either lower or higher.  It describes the changes in wealth possessions, education levels, or social class. The American dream is a social ideal which stresses attaining the highest social class possible and the opportunities are open and equal for every American with the ability and desire to achieve more (Cooper, 2012).

The social mobility in America used to be in an upward direction in some years ago. However, I have had a different experience during my ten years of stay in America.  I have seen most people struggle to sustain their lives while others have their lives smooth. I had to look for casual works to….Continue Reading….



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