Social Problems in America Essay

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Social Problems in America Essay


Social problems affect every society, great and small. Poverty as a social problem has been a hot debate in the field of society for a long period of time. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), poverty refers to a standard of living below the minimum required for maintenance of balanced diet, shelter, and health. Poverty subjects the affected people to stress, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Hunger, illnesses, and thirst are both causes and impacts of poverty in the society. Individuals living in poverty face many problems in their endeavor to survive or make ends meet while in the society. The vicious cycle of poverty creates an environment in which other social problems arise in the society. The poor people lack equal employment opportunities globally, and this continues to make them poorer and poorest. The rates of poverty in the US widely vary across different ethnic groups mainly due to racial stereotypes. The 2016 poverty rates survey in the USA showed that 12.7 percent of Americans are poor. Since 1993 to 2016, the US child poverty grew with 18 percent margin. The term paper will discuss the causes and effects of poverty in the USA together with the problems faced by people living in poverty. Further, the paper will recommend the right strategies/ initiatives that the US government should employ to remedy poverty.


Causes of Poverty in the US

The 2017 US survey results shown that approximately 41 million Americans lavish and struggle under the captivity of poverty. According to the 2015 US annual income report, 72 percent of the households served by the “Feeding America Network” in 2014 lived at or below the federal poverty level with a median annual household income of $9,175. To countries like India, poverty is obvious for people lack funds and food to eat due to the high population. In America, the social issue of poverty is complicated; the welfare system is poor despite there being no mass starvation. In the US, poverty is more about lack of basic needs and lack of security. The question now is what causes this high poverty in America. The main causes of US poverty include:

Poor Economy

Weak US economies have increased unemployment levels to the citizens.  Due to poor economy, some companies have been forced to downsize by reducing employees. Loss of jobs by people makes it difficult for them to survive. Other US based companies have decided to…Show More Content…

Effects of Poverty in the US

Problems Experienced by People Living in Poverty

Initiatives and Recommendations of Ending Poverty


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