Sociology: Gender and Women’s Studies

Sociology: Gender and Women’s Studies

Part A: Short Answers

Answer in 2-3 sentences, not more than 4. The answers can be directly quoted from the textbook, do not forget to put in text citations.

Question Response
1). How do you think the idea of ‘lesbian identity’ shaped how women thought about what they did with each other? Ch 25)
2). What did it mean to be enfranchised in the context of legislation regarding Indian status? What were the implications of this process for Aboriginal women and First Nations communities as a whole? Ch 34
3). Discuss the relationship between British and the eagle chief. How do they perceive each other and why? Poem ch 37
4). Why do you think the women’s movement has yet to rally against the AIDS epidemic? Ch 50
5). How do some groups use ‘syncechodochinc moves’ to preserve parts of tradition?

Part B: Short Answers on Key Concepts

Paraphrase the definitions, use in-text citations

Questions responses
1). Define feminism  
2). Define reproductive justice Ch 54
3). Define globalization Ch 50
4). Define reproductive oppression Ch 54
5). Define intersectionality  

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